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Crystal takes the mystery out of working behind-the-scenes and shows you how to connect the dots to building a better portfolio and stronger professional relationships with photographers and clients. Learn skills that get you hired, re-booked and referred.


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"I have read this book over and over! With every read I discover more and more information that is useful in me becoming a "BIG" screen hairstylist. "

Linda Zirkus
Hair Stylist

"Anyone that wants a REAL career as a freelance makeup artist, hairstylist, or fashion stylist needs to get this book. There are so many artists who are a living (and working) testimony to Crystal Wright’s guidance. GET THIS BOOK! It makes you realize that the only difference between the people who are working with your favorite celebs and on your favorite movies, and you is the knowledge of how to get there."

Meko Davis
Makeup & Hair Stylist

"Crystal Wright has taken this book to a level never before seen in the industry. If you are a freelance makeup artist, hairstylist or fashion stylist looking to get booked, get noticed and deliver what clients are looking for, don't wait, buy this book today. "

Lorrie Pearson
Makeup Artist

"This book is fantastic; I cannot recommend it enough for anyone in the professional makeup, fashion or hair industry. I wish I knew about it when I went from being a makeup enthusiast to a professional makeup artist, licensed esthetician and business owner."

Noel Rissmiller
Makeup & Hair

"What I love about the Guide is that Crystal tells it like it is. She breaks the essential information down into step-by-step instructions for anyone aspiring to have a successful career in print, video, film or TV."

Bobbi Brown
Makeup Artist & Founder, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"If you’re ready to make some serious moves, your first step needs to be purchasing this book. It’s the blueprint"

–Naeemah LaFon
Hair Stylis

"I was clueless when I started in this industry! I remember buying Crystal’s book and realizing how much it would help guide me in the right direction, and it did!"

––Daniel Chinchilla
Makeup Artist

About the Book

Your search for answers about how to break into print, video, film and TV has come to an end. Former celebrity styling agent Crystal Wright’s ‘Guide’ is the definitive resource for makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists and manicurists who want to make it big in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industries. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to work on magazine shoots, television commercials, the red carpet or travel with your favorit celebrities, Crystal gives the essential information and breaks the process down into step-by-step instructions for anyone aspiring to have a successful career.

As a celebrity styling agent for over 25 years, Crystal negotiated advertising, TV, music video, and magazine deals for her artists. The Crystal Agency worked with A-List celebrities such as

Halle Berry, Alec Baldwin, Kerry Washington, Pink, Janet Jackson, Jim Carrey and Tyra Banks.Throughout the book, she tackles the business challenges that you face on a daily basis and teaches you how to establish and market your brand, connect with decision-makers, network, get hired and get rebooked on the jobs you dream of. You will learn how to:

●  Develop your online portfolio.
●  Market, self-promote and win clients.
●  Find and collaborate with the right photographers.
●  Approach agencies for representation.
●  Create a big persona in a small market.
●  Establish your day rate.
●  Speak the language of the industry.
●  Build your professional sandbox.

Learn business tips and tricks from celebrity makeup artists, Sir John and Daniel Chinchilla, hair stylists, Oscar James and Daven Mayeda, fashion and beauty photographer, Mike Ruiz, TV commercial director, Craig Brooks, creative director, Carol Oliveto, Emmy magazine photo editor, Rose Cefalu, Limelight CEO, Michele Gay and Sr Agent, Frank Moore of Celestine

This information will shave 3-5 years off your learning curve, put you in control of your freelance career and hand you the keys to mastering the industry and getting ahead!

Crystal helps you to build confidence and teaches you how to connect the dots to build stronger professional relationships with clients and photographers.

Bobbi Brown

When I first came across Crystal’s book, I was happy that someone had finally put all the information an aspiring artist needs, in one place. What I love about the Guide is that Crystal tells it like it is. She gives the essential information and breaks it down into step-by-step instructions for anyone aspiring to have a successful career in print, video, film or TV

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Connect with decision-makers, get hired and get rebooked. Learn how to build relationships and stronger personal connections with clients and photographers.

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Crystal takes the mystery out of working in print, video, film & television.

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