Renata Rensky Makeup Artist

"Crystal helped me to find confidence within myself. She helped me with how my website should look, what images are important for booking jobs and getting paid. After her class I achieved all my goals in 3 short months."

Renata Rensky

Makeup Artist, Los Angeles


Stephanie Mazzeo Makeup Artist

"The fact that Crystal actually understands what it's like to be scouting for jobs and negotiating for pay puts her workshop eons ahead of any other similar class/seminar. I was able to get answers to questions that I've had for the 20+ years I've been in the industry. I received the information that I needed to get "unstuck!" She taught me how to ask for what I'm worth, understand my true value as an artist, and not feel intimated when talking with producers, directors or others in the industry."

Stephanie Mazzeo

Makeup Artist, Florida


Danielle Lewis Makeup Artist

"I was completely lost. I knew what I wanted to do but I couldnt connect the dots. Crystal put me in a room full of people who decided to follow their dreams and do the hard work to make IT happen. Before the workshop, I had never been able to talk and plan with so many people just like me. The information that Crystal shares and the energy from the other attendees is priceless! "

Danielle Lewis

Makeup Artist, New York


Linda Zirkus Makeup Artist

"I had always dreamed of was becoming a celebrity hairstylist. When I found Crystal, I didnt believe that one person had all the answers I needed. After reading her books I decided to make the call that would change my life forever. This women knows exactly what she is talking about. May of 2012 was when my life changed forever. I am living a lifelong dream of working as a celebrity stylist. I also got amazing friendships and a talented group of people to guide me on this journey. "

Linda Zirkus

Makeup Artist, San Diego


Nina Alcantara Makeup Artist

"In Crystals class I learned to be accountable, dream big, plan better, and work the plan in detail ..1 year, 3 years, 5 years, and 10 year plans. I learned how easy it is to become visible to the people and jobs that are available out there. It changed my life and my career"

Nina Alcantara

Makeup Artist, Florida


Delina Medhin Makeup Artist

I really want to thank Crystal because she is a REAL Coach. She told me to just keep running. To anyone going through a rough time, do what you have to do..cry it out..walk it out but then, keep running. Call your "Crystal" or call my Crystal.

Delina Medhin

Makeup Artist, NYC

Kristine Murillo Makeup Artist

"I did NOT have a clue where to begin until I took Crystals class. I was told, if you are serious about your career you will take Crystals Workshop. It saved me from all the guesswork. Now I am doing the things I once thought were IMPOSSIBLE. "

Kristine Murillo

Makeup Artist, New York


Tania Rusell Makeup Artist

"When I signed up for Crystal's workshop I did not know what I was doing in any way, shape or form. I was working lo/no budget indie films but I knew that, that was not what I wanted to do at all. I had no idea how to meet photographers or build a portfolio prior to purchasing Crystal's book; The Hair, Makeup, and Fashion Styling Career Guide and taking her workshop. I learned the nuts and bolts of marketing, networking, promotion, and negotiation as a professional artist and I became confident in my own artistry and personal presentation. "

Tania Rusell

Makeup Artist, Los Angeles