I'm here to take the mystery out of working behind the scenes in print, video, film and TV by teaching you the business side of working in the beauty and entertainment biz.
     As a celebrity styling agent I built the freelance careers of many six-figure makeup, hair and fashion stylists.
     If you're ready to do the work, I can help you build a strong brand and turn your passion into a thriving freelance business.

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The Hair Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide

The Insiders Guide to a Successful Career Behind The Scenes in Print, Video, Film and Television. Everything you need...

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My 12-Week Program teaches makeup, hair, fashion stylists and manicurists the essentials of building a successful freelance business.

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Crystal Wright

I get people UNSTUCK! I plan and implement successful careers of fashion, beauty and photography professionals.

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I empower you with knowledge, tools, self-confidence and the courage to pursue your dream of becoming a full time freelance artist.


Believe in yourself. The race is not always go to the swiftest, but to those who persevere. 


Tell your story, articulate your value and present yourself with authority.


Leap and the net will appear. You are talented, able, qualified and creative. No more second guessing. Go for it.

"I had always dreamed of was becoming a celebrity hairstylist. When I found Crystal, I didn't believe that one person had all the answers I needed. After reading her books I made the call that would change my life forever. This women knows exactly what she is talking about. I am now living a lifelong dream of working as a celebrity stylist. "

Linda Zirkus
Makeup Artist, San Diego

"The fact that Crystal actually understands what it's like to scout for jobs and negotiate rates puts her workshop eons ahead of any similar class. I got answers to questions that I had for 20 years. I got "unstuck!" She taught me how to ask for what I'm worth, understand my true value as an artist, and not feel intimated when talking with producers, directors or others in the industry."

Stephanie Mazzeo
Makeup Artist, Florida & Los Angeles

"Crystal helped me realize my abilities. With the confidence that she instilled in me throughout the class and the follow up coaching calls, she taught me to believe in myself. Just months after class, I had achieved goals that I thought would have taken much longer. I booked more jobs, and reached out of my comfort zone."

Jaleesa Jaikaran
Makeup Artist, Trinidad and Tobago to New York

"In Crystal's class I learned to be confident. I came into the workshop very shy, scared––not sure of myself. I have grown so much since taking her class. I respect myself more, and so do others. I learned the best way to market and present myself, and grow as an artist. I fell in love with Crystal's positive energy and excitement to help artists learn the tools it takes to make it in this industry."

Mallorie Mason
Makeup Artist, Los Angeles

"When I attended Crystal's class, I had lost my drive and hope for being a freelance manicurist. She showed me simple ways to stand out and how by fixing the things that were missing I would become more professional and marketable. I got so much more than I expected. Within a few months I got an agent. Since her class I have worked with a dozen magazines, on national ad campaigns, and I am a regular at NYFW."

Titilayo Bankole
Manicurist, Washington, DC

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