How to Turn Your Passion into Profits and Create the Freelance Career of Your Dreams.

The Win Now Mentorship Program with 
Crystal Wright & Renny Vasquez Teaches You Everything You Need to Know About Building a Powerful Brand, Marketing Yourself Successfully, and Skyrocketing Your Confidence as a Business Professional.









Are you a makeup, hair, or fashion stylist with God-given talent and passion to transform your clients' lives?  Do you currently struggle to land and retain clients who you know need your services?
If so, you're not alone.  There's no feeling worse than spending each day harnessing your gift and growing your skillset, only to stay stuck in a full-time job you hate when you know you could be making a real impact.  You practice day in and day out on what you know you were born to do, but your only "clients" are your friends and family…and let's be honest, they're not paying the bills, are they?
Still, you know those skills CAN pay the bills!  It's something you've known your whole life.  Maybe you've come "this" close to making the transition into full-time freelancer.  You've been right on the brink of owning your own business.  Perhaps you've even made some decent money on a gig or two.  For whatever reason, life has a tendency to get in the way and prevent you from really pulling the trigger and going all in.
Luckily for you, with social media, personal branding websites, YouTube, and other pieces of digital "real estate" have made it easier than ever for freelance artists like you to build and grow your business and dominate your industry.  Can you imagine trying to do this 20 or 30 years ago when there was no Internet? 
It’s a little different now than it was back then.  Even still, many artists struggle to figure out where to start...until now!
How do I know?  Well, I've been helping freelancers just like YOU get UNSTUCK for the past 3 decades.  I quit my job in corporate America and took the leap of faith into the world of freelance artistry.  There were twists and turns, ups and downs, but I had no choice but to make it work.
I invested my time, energy, and resources into mentors and learning how to run, support and manage a talent agency full-time while creating jobs and helping my artists FIND and RETAIN their ideal clients: the ones that keep coming back for more and more because they love what YOU do.
It wasn't easy, but I made it work.  Now, 30 years later, I've come up with a formula that’s proven to WORK.
My programs are built on the foundation of building a recognizable personal brand, boosting your confidence as the go-to artist in your industry and learning how to market yourself successfully to your dream clients.
Its my life's passion to help talented freelance artists get unstuck and turn their passions into profits.
And that’s exactly why I created this program.

The Win Now Mentorship Program is a 12-Week “go at your own pace” virtual training for makeup, hair and fashion stylists who want to turn their artistry
into a profitable, full-time freelance business.

Win Now is an easy to follow, step-by-step program that you can use to completely transform the future of your freelance business.  The lessons are designed to help you get your message out there, gain confidence in your brand and start booking better jobs faster than ever before.

It’s all about creating and marketing a real, professional business environment online and off.  With Win Now, you'll learn how to go from an "invisible" and aspiring artist to an omnipresent authority in your market.  Your ideal clients are already out there searching for YOU and YOUR talent.  Win Now will help them find you and teach you how to bring them into your world and turn them into life-long clients.

After all, that's what every freelancer wants, right? It’s how you turn a thriving freelance career into a business you love.


Who is the Win Now Mentorship Program for?

Whether you're just getting started, want to grow your existing freelance business, looking to turn your side-gig into a career or just want to refresh your existing beauty brand,

WIN NOW will help you blaze your path to success.

Our program will help you:

  • STAND OUT from the crowd with a personal brand.
  • GAIN the confidence to launch your business regardless of what stage you're in.
  • BECOME a celebrity in your niche, whether you're a hair stylist or makeup artist.
  • REBRAND, Restart, or refresh your entire career.
  • DEVELOP a workable plan and actionable steps to achieve your individual goals.
  • NETWORK like a pro and position yourself as an expert in  your field.
  • MASTER the nuances of breaking into and dominating a new industry.
  • TRANSITION out of your day job and become a full-time artist.
  • ATTRACT your ideal clients.
  • MAXIMIZE your social media presence and attract loyal followers.
  • LEARN to be your own agent and negotiate your contracts.
  • PITCH yourself to new clients

Space is Extremely Limited! Save Your Spot in the Win Now Mentorship Program
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Are You In It to Win It?
Win Now is the transformation you've been looking for.

Lets get real for a second.  This program isn't one size fits all.  We've paved the path to a successful freelance career for you, but it's up to you to walk on it.

But you already know what it takes as a freelancer: hard work, dedication and discipline.  If you can follow the simple steps we've created, you CAN build a super successful freelance business!

Let's face it.  One of the biggest reasons artists struggle getting their freelance business off the ground is that they are missing some vital pieces of information that fit into the puzzle.  You don't lack talent, you just need direction.

In Win Now, we break everything down into bite-sized pieces. Our method is easy to understand and implement for beginners and veteran artists alike.


The Win Now Mentorship Program is Open for a Limited Time Only! Don’t Delay Your Success Another Year!


"Stuck? Yes! I was in a continuous cycle of feeling helpless and frustrated trying to figure out how to; get published, connect with other artists, and find photographers. This program taught me to be my best advocate, to determine how much I want to get paid every time I do makeup, to ‘take action’ and run my own race. Since the program I have redone my website to make it a clear, expressive, and an attractive representation of my luxury brand. Win Now is well-organized and thought out, and up-to-date with the current state of affairs."

Nelise Jeffrey
Makeup Artist

How It Works

Once enrolled in WIN NOW, you'll receive instant access to 12 weeks of business training designed specifically for freelance beauty and fashion professionals.  A new lesson is released every week with a total of 35 lessons to help you start, grow, and monetize your dream career.

Your hands-on training includes:

  • Video modules
  • PDF downloads
  • Lesson transcripts
  • Audio trainings
  • Special guest appearances
  • LIVE weekly round-ups
  • Interactive community
  • Giveaways
  • And more!

You can go at your own pace, but we're here to support you through this journey 100% of the way.  After all, not only do we want you to WIN NOW, we want you to start winning in your freelance career as soon as possible.

This isn't your everyday online course.  Lessons are reviewed in-depth and brought to life in weekly, LIVE webinars with industry-leading guest mentors and expert guests brought in to ensure that you have absolute clarity about everything you learn and how to implement at each stage of your journey.

Nothing is left up to chance. You will know what to do next, and your business with change and grow in ways that you are truly proud of!


Save Your Spot In the Win Now Mentorship Program!


One FULL Year of
Online Access.

What are you waiting for? Win Now offers open enrollment just once per year. This enables us to give proper attention to our growing community of artists. We encourage you to enroll as quickly as possible because we can’t guarantee how long we’ll accept new students. Once we fill to capacity, registration closes until next year. Don’t delay your success another year, sign up today!

It's your time to Win Now.

The Course

Win Now goes where you go. Download the audio and listen to it on the go. Network with other artists in the private group and participate in live Q&A lectures with celebrity artists and industry experts.

Engage with instructors and special guests during weekly Facebook Live round-ups. Earn giveaways and much more. This course has the information you need to take your career to the next level.

Get 12 Modules, over 34 video and audio lessons, worksheets and word-for-word transcripts inside the exclusive membership area.

World Class Support

I know this is your dream.  How?  It was my dream too.  Having a go at freelancing in this business and actually making it into the ranks of the celebrity artists you look up to is all you can think about. 

If only you could just get in that room. 

If only you could work with that one dream client. 

If only your name and your brand was synonymous with being the go-to expert in your industry.

The problem is you don’t know where to start and what most people are telling you is well-intentioned but not quite "on the money."  It certainly isn't bringing in what you know you're capable of earning or you wouldn't be here today.

It probably feels like you are on a freeway and everyone is in front of you. You're stuck in traffic while they're moving forward.  They’re getting the great opportunities, jobs and the connections.

But it's time to stop comparing.  You need something YOU can control: a brand that’s your own, clients that keep coming back to you, and a passionate and profitable business that's completelt your own. 

That’s what Win Now is all about.

We are here for you!

You’ll have access to your mentors and a community of like-minded freelancers for inspiration, motivation, support and feedback. In our private online communities, we believe that FOCUS is the new black, and we work to instill that clarity in each of our students. We’re going to give you what you need so you can get in, hit the ground running and start getting things done right away–the right way!

Lastly, our team is here to support you. Your success is our success and your satisfaction is our number one priority. We’re here to answer your questions and support you every step of the way.


"I wanted to grow my brand and find a way to open up my mind to new things. I needed the business education this program offered; from curating a website, to having an "assistant", deal memos & more. I worked on productions for a while and never handed out a deal memo––crazy right? But I'm handing them now! Renny and Crystal didn't hold back AT ALL! Since the program I have gained confidence in my brand. I have rearranged my website, taught 2 makeup classes, secured MAJOR sponsors for both classes and relocated to New York. WIN NOW has the answers. Every question you may have, I promise, it's covered."

Shaneè Golder
Makeup Artist

"I signed up for the Win Now Program after tryingfreelancing once before. Aside from the downloadable documents, this program helped me to know my worth and to address some behaviors and bad habits that were holding me back.I really liked the fact that each lesson had transcripts and included worksheets and documents because I could reference and review the materials after watching the videos. I think Win Now is a good program for all levels.It’s simple and effective and I didn’t feel overloaded with information."

Farika Broadnax
Hair & Makeup Artist

About Crystal

Hair Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide author, Crystal Wright is a freelance business development coach, motivational speaker, founder of the Packaging Your Portfolio Workshop and co-founder of the Win Now Mentorship Program with celebrity makeup artist Renny Vasquez. She began working with freelance artists over 25 years ago when she launched The Crystal Agency for makeup, hair and fashion stylists in Los Angeles.

She is a recognized thought leader in the freelance beauty and fashion community having won awards as an entrepreneur and trailblazer.  Crystal and her artists have been featured in publications like Essence, Entertainment Weekly, and Rolling Stone.  They've worked with major brands including Sprite, Coca-Cola and United Airlines and worked alongside celebrities like Janet Jackson, Chrissy Tiegen, Alec Baldwin, Denzel Washington, Serena Williams and Jennifer Lopez…just to name a few. 

As coach and mentor she is known for getting artists UNSTUCK by getting them to treat their businesses as seriously as they do their art. Her ‘Career Guide’, now in it’s 7th edition, is known only to artists as the ‘Industry Bible’ or the Crystal Wright Book.

Crystal has helped countless artists to thrive as freelancers in entertainment, advertising, beauty, fashion, television and film.

Today her business is focused on helping others realize their dreams of working in print, video, film and TV through her online programs and live seminars.

She tells it like it is, and gives everyone who comes in contact with her a recipe to succeed on their own terms.










Get the Business Training You Need to Get Unstuck and Turn Your Art into the Successful Freelance Enterprise that Supports You.

Let’s Make It Happen!

Don’t delay! Space is limited, and you won’t see this offer again.  The Win Now Mentorship Program accepts students for a limited time only once each year. As soon as we fill up, registration will close, and this offer, goes away until next year.  Why delay your dreams?


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What People Saying

"I was stuck trying to figure out how to connect the dots. My expectations were exceeded by how much I learned about the Industry. Everyone in the program was so nurturing and caring. The positivity, cohesiveness and love I felt with the Mentorship Program was phenomenal. It felt like family".

Patrice Sylvain Dawson
Makeup Artist

"I was looking for a way to overcome the slump of focusing to much on the competition and not enough
on my business.

Win Now helped me to realize that it's okay to pursue a different market than the Instagram artists. 

Anyone can learn makeup, but this is the only online program that shows you the 'HOW TO' of the business side of things."

Stephanie Mazzeo
Makeup Artist 

"I was stuck when it came to finding resources to reach out to decision makers and how that process worked. Win Now taught me how to recognize them and how often I should be reaching out to them.  This program changed the way I viewed business as an artist. I learned that I could control my destiny and I got tools to help me battle uncertainty. During this program I gained confidence in operating like a small business and what's needed to sustain a career".

Derrick Bernard
Makeup Artist

Right Now is YOUR time!

Right Now. Today is YOUR time!  What are you waiting for? Stop watching other people’s names scroll through the credits on the projects that you can be working on. It’s time to see your own work on big and small screens.

Whether you want to work on magazines, video, film, TV, catalog, ecommerce or in the theatre, there’s no better time than right now. The industry is experiencing great growth with all of the new media opportunities we have today. You can do this!

Me, Renny and our team are so excited to welcome you as a Win Now 2 Mentorship student. It would be our pleasure to serve you with our time, our treasure, our talents and our resources.



Space is Extremely Limited! Save Your Spot in the Win Now Mentorship Program Today Before We Fill Up & Close!


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