Crystal Wright

Crystal Wright helps people get Unstuck. A marketing guy who wanted Crystal as his client once told her, “That’s not sexy.” She responded, “It is, when you’re stuck!” Her work of freeing, inspiring and empowering freelancers to move through life’s challenges into their own version of creative success is the foundation of her coaching business and courses.

Celebrity makeup artist and Glam Kitti creator Monifa Mortis once said, “Crystal teaches freelance artists how to take care of themselves.”

“Freelancers often find themselves unable to move forward. They’re stuck in the off position because they’re missing the right tools, information and resources to get to the next level. I’m here to lift them up onto the chair in their minds where they can get a new perspective. That perspective is the beginning of change and the catalyst to grow their careers into the business of their dreams.

Crystal has created several tools to help artists make sense of and add order to their journey. Her Hair Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide is touted as the Industry Bible, and a pre-requisite for attending her live PYP Workshop. Many artists choose to work with her one-on-one via facetime or skype, and her mentorship to celebrity makeup artist Renny Vasquez led their successful online course, the Win Now Mentorship program.

“My mission,” says Crystal, “is to provide every freelance beauty, fashion and photography professional with a clear and concise path to their own version of creative success, financial independence and freedom of choice.”



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