Author, Entrepreneur, and Freelance Business Coach.

She has taught and inspired artists as an agent, author, mentor and coach for three decades. She believes that every freelance artist can turn their dream into a creative and financial success by transforming their artistry into a successful business enterprise, and she has helped thousands of artists do just that.

"What I value most is Crystal’s expertise in the industry. She is a great teacher who is able to explain the ins and outs of the industry in a very simple and organized language. She is very passionate about helping her students to reach results and she expects us to get it."

Renata Rensky

As President of the Crystal Agency she represented some of the most recognized artists in the US including photographers David Roth (Nordstrom, EnVogue) and Jeff Katz (Prince, Tia Leoni),  Makeup Artist Reann Silva (Beauty Blender), Celebrity Hair Stylist Neeko (Halle Berry, Pink, Tyra Banks), Fashion Stylist Lisa Michelle (Charlize Theron, Hilary Swank), and Lifestyle Wardrobe Stylist Melinda Tarbell (Aeropostale, Subaru).

"Crystal’s class is not only beneficial to you but to those around you. Once you start to apply the tools you learn in her class to your business everyone, even your family and friends benefit."

Angie Peek

Renowned artists continue to seek Crystal’s help when negotiating deals and contracts with some of America’s top brands, including Dove, Make Up For Ever and Carols Daughter.

Signature accomplishments include the industry bible; The Hair Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide, the PYP Freelance Business Development Summit, the highly regarded PYP Freelance Portfolio Building & Marketing Program, and The In It 2 Win It Now Mentorship Program with Renny Vasquez.

Crystal attributes her success to her ability to translate, simplify and teach the lessons she learned in corporate America and at the Crystal Agency while staying current and remaining relevant.

"You aren’t just taking a class, you are on a life changing adventure. "

Linda Zirkus

Renny Vasquez

Master Instructor

Renny Vasquez is an award-winning celebrity makeup artist and arguably one of the most talented, working artists today. His techniques were carefully cultivated vis-à-vis his work on everyday women as well as on-the-job training with industry pioneers Sam Fine, Billy B, Derrick Rutledge, and James Vincent.

In less than 8 years as a freelance artist Renny has amassed a client list that reads like a who’s who of Hollywood celebrity and New York beauty royalty, including but not limited to: Jennifer Hudson, JLo, Brandi, Gabrielle Union and Chrissy Teigen, Target, Make Up For Ever and Chanel.

Throughout his career, Renny has continued to pour into others. His’s skills and techniques classes regularly play to international sold out crowds. He is a dedicated and passionate educator who believes in sharing his gifts with artists who are committed to being the best that they can be.

"I was just mesmerized by how beautifully your model’s face came together. As meticulous as I am, I appreciate the attention to detail from resolution of the video to the explanation of the luxury tips & tricks. "

Althea Pearson

Notable accomplishments include Beauty & Beyond start to finish full face makeup workshop, Complexion Perfection makeup course featuring 3 signature foundation techniques, the In It 2 Win It Now Mentorship Program with Crystal Wright and Beauty Photography Exposed: The tell-all workshop into taking your own flawless beauty images.

"A wealth of information packed into all of these training modules. Thank you Renny for being so generous with your craft and time."

Nyedi Nicol-Arrington

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