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Crystal Wright & Renny Vasquez show you how to connect the dots in your career, gain confidence in your work and develop an online presence that speaks for you. 

Learn insider secrets that get you hired, re-booked and referred.


"I still channel my inner Crystal.
When someone throws a low rate at me,
I remember that Crystal would have my ass
for accepting that rate."
Shanee Danielle, Makeup Artist, Pennsylvania | NYC


Everything You Need to Succeed


Get noticed in a
crowded market.


Turn relationships into powerful collaborations.


Retool and refocus your social media.


Get noticed, get signed
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"Win Now helped me overcome the slump of focusing to much on the competition and not enough on my business. I realized that it's okay to pursue a different market than the Instagram artists. This is the only online program that shows you the business side of things."

Stephanie Mazzeo
Makeup Artist, Florida & Los Angeles

"I was stuck when it came to finding resources to reach out to decision makers and how that process worked. Crystal taught me how to locate them and how often to reach out. Win Now changed how I view business as an artist. I learned how to control my destiny, got tools to help me battle uncertainty and gained the confidence to run my business."

Derrick Bernard
Makeup Artist

"I was stuck trying to figure out how to connect the dots. My expectations were exceeded by how much I learned about the Industry. Everyone in the program was so nurturing and caring. The positivity, cohesiveness and love I felt with the Mentorship Program was phenomenal. It felt like family."

Patrice Sylvain Dawson
Makeup Artist

"Stuck? Yes! I was in a continuous cycle of feeling helpless and frustrated trying to figure out how to; get published, connect with other artists, and find photographers. This program taught me to be my best advocate, to determine how much I want to get paid every time I do makeup, to ‘take action’ and run my own race. Since the program I have redone my website to make it a clear, expressive, and an attractive representation of my luxury brand. Win Now is well-organized and thought out, and up-to-date with the current state of affairs."

Nelise Rebekkah
Makeup Artist

"Building a body of work that I could use to showcase my talent is the single most important task I needed to accomplish when I started out in the industry. Crystal tells artists exactly how to do it. She breaks down how and where to find the right photographers to collaborate with, how to interest them in working with you and the precautions you should take to ensure that you receive the exact images you need for showcasing your own work."

Bobbi Brown
Makeup Artist & Founder, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"I signed up for the Win Now Program after trying freelancing once before. In addition to the downloadable documents, this program helped me to value what I do and to address some bad habits that were holding me back. Each lesson had transcripts and worksheets that I could reference and review after watching the videos. Win Now is simple and effective and I didn’t feel overloaded."

Farika Broadnax
Hair Stylis

" I was clueless when I started in this industry! I remember buying Crystal’s book and realizing how much it would help guide me in the right direction, and it did!"

––Daniel Chinchilla
Makeup Artist to Ariana Grande

Crystal Wright
Gets Artists Unstuck!

She's an author, mentor and business coach with 32 years of experience in the beauty, fashion and photography industry. 

She nurtures and develops artists who want to make a name for themselves. As an agent in Los Angeles and New York she helped artists take their game to the next level. Her book The Hair Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide is the Industry Bible.

If you want to be a more disciplined, organized, brave and savvy business person, Crystal Wright can help you do that.

"I call Crystal Wright my Wing Man."
Cindy Escalante Makeup Artist, Los Angeles CA


What You'll Get

12 Modules | 36 Video & Audio Lessons | Worksheets
Live Weekly Coaching Sessions | Bi-Weekly Challenges | Special Guests
24 Months Access & Much More

Get The Keys to Freelance Success.

Connect with decision-makers, get hired and get rebooked. Learn how to build relationships and stronger personal connections with clients, photographers and brands.

Move Your Freelance Career to the ON position.
Crystal and Renny take the mystery out of working in print, video, film & television.









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