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The Wright Business Coach

New York Makeup Artist Delina Medhin tells her story and shares her method for choosing Crystal Wright as her coach!


I want to help you EXPERIENCE success the way
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"With Crystal I became more intentional with my interactions. She’s helped me to produce more purposeful outcomes and really draw fruit from the tree which has been extremely satisfying. Most importantly, I have fallen in love with the process.  If you are you ready to do what it takes to make it and this is your REAL passion, then you will love Crystal. She will teach you things that take many years to learn. Her guidance means so much to me and she has changed my life."

Delina Medhin
Makeup Artist
New York

"I knew immediately from our first conversation that I was going to work with her. My business has grown ever since. She took the time to go over my website and told me what I needed to add. She listened to what I was saying, and understood what I wanted to achieve. She's more than a coach, because a coach keeps it business and Crystal makes it personal and that made each call a joy every time."

Donovan Eaton
Washington, DC

"My confidence skyrocketed. I knew that there were things I didn’t know.  I hit a ceiling in my career and wanted to jump to that next level. I hired Crystal to see me and my business through the eyes of the people I wanted to be hired by. I learned what I didn’t know and how to keep myself on track.  I saw how others viewed me and my work. There is an amazing sense of serenity knowing that I don’t have to go through it alone. Instead of months of anxiety I just get a session with Crystal and keep the ball rolling."

Kate Johnson
Makeup & Hair Artist


As an agent I represented freelance Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Fashion Stylists, Manicurists and Photographers for over 25 years. My work has been focused on planning and implementing the successful careers of some of the top beauty, entertainment, fashion and photography professionals known today, and my track record speaks for itself.

 If you're STUCK, I can help

Lets Work Together

Here are some areas we can tackle together:

  • Developing an action plan with realistic and achievable goals.
  • Gaining more confidence in your approach to business and clients.
  • Acquiring, keeping and leveraging client relationships.
  • Review and advise on your branding choices, marketing materials, process and procedures.
  • Awesome resources to get your business up and running more efficiently.
  • The best methods of reaching out and staying in contact with decision-makers.
  • Accountability: A plan for identifying manageable core objectives to work on each week. Continual and sustained progress.
  • Contracts, forms, agreements and deal memos.
  • Eliminating mental and physical clutter. 
  • Mastering the triggers in your life that and taking you off of your A-game.
  • Implementing controls for the people or things that keep you distracted, upset, and even paralyzed.
  • Overcoming issues such as lack of self-confidence, fear of success/failure, and inability to manage time.
  • Setting personal and professional boundaries.
  • Discovering greater clarity and focus.
  • Giving yourself permission to embrace and profit from your God given gifts.
  • Mastering written communication.
My experience, success in the industry and knowledge makes me the perfect coach and accountability partner for artists who are serious about their business.

 Let’s Do This!

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