More than 3 decades ago I took a leap of faith and quit my job in corporate America to become an agent for freelance artists. There were as many twists and turns as there were ups and downs.



For a long time, I felt rudderless and questioned the decision I had made and wondered where I would get help. I spent endless hours in the self-help aisle of the Barnes and Noble bookstore looking for answers to questions about how to create, open and successfully run a talent agency, and then how to support, manage the talent and create jobs and repeat clients for my artists.

A year into the journey I met a woman; Elka Kovac who would become my business partner, friend, and mentor. Within weeks of meeting me she said, “You’re never going to make any money with these artists you’re representing––dump them!” Finally, I had some help, guidance, advice and a smattering of tough love when the steepness of the learning curve demanded it.


Crystal Agency | Photo by Bob Sebree

[L-R] Alejandro Peraza, Jennifer Cunningham, Gina Sandler, Cherie Combs, Crystal Wright,
Neeko Abriol, Asia Geiger, Reesa Mallen, Victor Vargas and Maxi Maxi Maxi

As difficult as it was, I took yet another leap and did exactly as she had told me. I dumped the artists, scrapped my corporate attire, my overly fancy business cards and began a fresh search for new and more talented artists to represent. She taught, advised and challenged me at every opportunity.

I knew she was right when––as business partners––we landed Kahlua, our first major campaign. From there I would go on to win huge clients including Janet Jackson, EnVogue, United Airlines, Sony Music, Essence, Halle Berry, RollingStone, Budweiser, Pink, Shape, JC Penney, Emmy Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Atlantic Records and many more significant campaigns.

As Crystal Agency grew, I met artists with more questions about their careers than answers. Having walked in their shoes, I made the decision to refocus my energy on a new mission: I would teach artists how to represent themselves and secure major campaigns and clients on their own. I committed myself to doing for you, what Elka did for me; give you the tools, information, guidance and self-confidence to walk courageously into your destiny.   

In my new vision, thousands of freelance artists would be able to do for themselves what a handful of agencies had been holding the keys to for years––how to land the most prestigious campaigns, celebrities and magazines.


This dream led me to create the Career Guide, online and live workshops as well as one-on-one coaching.

Known as the industry bible, The Hair Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide levels the playing field for artists who are entering the makeup, hair and styling industry with practical step-by-step instructions on how to get started.


The PYP Workshop and alumni network is for artists who are READY to be AMAZING! The course brings the ‘Guide’ to life, provides insider knowledge, an exclusive alumni network, a safe place to get your questions answered, a robust mentorship program and a roadmap for the next steps to the next level. You will gain greater self-confidence, and you will learn to trust in your own abilities, and find the inspiration to think outside the box.

You’ll become a member of our exclusive international alliance of artist graduates who encourage each other’s dreams, provide continuing education, offer high quality jobs, leads and testing opportunities inside the network. Grads adhere to my code of conduct and a standard of professionalism that sets them apart, keeps them connected and on average, they are booked 35% more often than other freelance artists nationwide.

The Win Now Mentorship Program is a step-by-step, 12-week online training course that I created in collaboration with celebrity makeup artist and friend Renny Vasquez. You are given the tools and resources you need to secure your dream clients and establish the foundation of a successful freelance business.  We guide you through the process of developing a strategic and individualized blueprint for your own profitable freelance business, and the freedom to live life on your terms.

My one-on-one coaching program focuses on helping you gain valuable insight about yourself and the industry. Get unstuck and take consistent strategic action toward realizing your professional vision and achieving your goals. I’ll teach you how to create priceless industry connections by being more intentional. Together, we will co-create your future as you learn to consistently produce more purposeful and fruitful outcomes––namely, the jobs you desire, recognition for your work and financial security!



Author, Mentor, Coach

She has taught and inspired artists as an agent, author, mentor and coach for three decades. She believes that every freelance artist can turn their dream into a creative and financial success by transforming their artistry into a successful business enterprise, and she has helped thousands of artists do just that.

As President of the Crystal Agency she represented some of the most recognized artists in the US including photographers David Roth (Nordstrom, EnVogue) and Jeff Katz (Prince, Tia Leoni),  Makeup Artist Reann Silva (Beauty Blender), Celebrity Hair Stylist Neeko (Halle Berry, Pink, Tyra Banks), Fashion Stylist Lisa Michelle (Charlize Theron, Hilary Swank), and Lifestyle Wardrobe Stylist Melinda Tarbell (Aeropostale, Subaru).

Renowned artists continue to seek Crystal’s help when negotiating deals and contracts with some of America’s top brands, including Dove, Make Up For Ever and Carols Daughter.


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