Win Now 2 Mentorship Program

The Win Now Mentorship Program for makeup and hair artists, fashion stylists and manicurists who need some wind beneath their freelance wings to get their business going and profitable.

Renny Vasquez and I created  this 12-week, online, go at your own pace, training program to take you step-by-step through the process of establishing a successful freelance business in the entertainment, beauty and fashion business. 

In it, we provide you with the right tools and resources you need to land your dream clients while developing a strategic individualized blueprint to creating a profitable business that allows you the freedom to lead the fulfilling life you desire. The training includes:

  • How to start over, hit the REFRESH button, RE-BRAND or RESTART your career. 
  • BREAKING OLD HABITS, remain focused, and choose your own focus mechanisms. 
  • Steps to STAND OUT in an over saturated industry. 
  • POSITIONING yourself as an expert in your field: Aggressively brand yourself and your business.
  • The NECESSARY steps to becoming a celebrity artist. 
  • REPRESENTING YOURSELF pre-agency and gaining the benefits that
    come with it. 
  • WHO you should ASSIST and why. 
  • Seeing BEYOND your current opportunity and gearing up for the next. 
  • Signing up for a freelance career and ENJOYING the rewards of doing so. 
  • Putting together the RIGHT contract and feeling like a winner after each job.

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